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In our second blog today, we’ll discuss IMR’s 9 sub-pisions, created to exclusively cater to the manpower requirements of certain global industries facing the most acute levels of manpower shortage.

The first sector IMR provides dedicated recruitment services to is Construction Recruitment. Construction projects are not just an infrastructural necessity, but also require huge capital investment, large scale machinery and equipment engagement, massive employment and multi-level specialty operations. IMR’s construction recruitments pision has an in-depth understanding and assessments of the industry’s role in general; including its several levels of operations and functions, its large numbered employment requirement, and unique skills required for each of the project’s operational levels. Provided IMR has made itself so familiar with the industry, you can be assured of being provided the most adequately skilled personnel for your construction project or business; then be it industry technicians and engineers, plant operators, HVAC specialists or labourers.

The second sector we’ve exclusively focused on is Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Refineries Recruitment, an industry that several other industries depend on and hence, so do economies globally. The significance of this industry is such that any disruption or malfunction in the industries’ operations can hamper a massive number of industries and businesses, as well as general/public transport systems and domestic chores. In fact, this sector is also among the top few providing massive employment opportunities through all of its several sub-processes. We’ve extensively studied the industry, to identify and provide the most suitable professionals for every vacancy; from process and project engineers, drilling and pipeline personnel, onshore and offshore processes personnel, maintenance personnel, draftsmen, DCS operators and personnel for storage and transportation/distribution.

The third industry we recognized facing shortage of personnel is the Engineering Industry Recruitment. Engineers specializing in various disciplines form an integral part of several sectors and businesses like manufacturing, construction, power plants, textiles, IT, aerospace, military, finance and several more. Although engineers can be broadly classified per their specialties or disciplines, like civil, electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers – IMR is well equipped to supply engineers for each of these disciplines as well as all others. In fact, Hays, the global recruiting experts, listed engineers as among the top 4 professionals expected to be in demand over the next two decades.

Hospitality Recruitment– the fourth sector IMR specializes in recruitments for. Hospitality staff covers personnel for all accommodation facilities, entertainment and catering facilities, combinations of both (like cruises, camps etc.), staff for business fairs (trade fairs), conventions, convocations, conferences and travel related staff (such as cabin crew, and flight or airport attendants). Hospitality staff includes waiting staff, hosting staff, attendants, organizers and managers for events, servers and kitchen/cooking area staff. IMR’s massive database of candidates, and search executive teams, ensure we’re able to supply all hospitality related staff for your business, in a timely and efficient manner.

The next, and among the most important industries IMR has focused on is Energy and Resources Recruitment, recognizing how crucial and limited these resources are, and how vital their efficient extraction, processing and consumption is. Besides being vital for domestic as well as commercial/industrial consumption; it is the backbone for economies worldwide and also one of the biggest employment generating sectors of the world. IMR is fully familiar with all energy and resources’ sub-categories and plants, and sufficiently equipped to supply personnel for all of the industry’s manpower needs from project, mechanical, electrical, piping and fabrication managers; superintendents and design engineers; DCS and I&C engineers; contract, cost and project controllers; instrumentation, boiler, plant and environmental managers and engineers; right up to upstream or any other required professionals.

Another sector we’re proud to have been associated and worked for is the Support Services Recruitmentsector, particularly rendering highly commended services for projects of the UN, NATO and CANCAP. Services in these exclusive contracts included expeditionary construction and base camp construction projects, sourcing, procurement and delivery of construction material and other equipment; installation of basic infrastructural and transportation facilities, medical provisions and logistics set-up. Such contracts for support services for the highly organized sectors are often in remote areas, and require the most experienced and expert personnel that are prepared to work under such conditions. IMR has been highly appreciated by the organizations for delivering excellence in our work for these projects.

The next sector we specialize in recruitments for is the Manufacturing Sector Recruitment. As several reports have confirmed, the manufacturing sector is among the prime industries that can lead to growth or slump of any nation’s economy. Quite as Deloitte LLP stated recently, manufacturing industry is the number 1 ranked industry for economic prosperity. But, on the other hand, several research organizations’ reports confirm that staffing in the manufacturing sector is at ‘dangerously’ low levels globally and hence pose a threat to national economies. In fact, CNN recently dedicated an entire article to ‘manufacturing’s skills workers shortage’. Such reports are clear indicators of how severe a shortage of manufacturing professionals the industry is facing already. However, as IMR stands by its commitment, our clients would never have to suffer such skilled manpower shortages, whatever it may take on our part to make for it.

Another industry we specialize in exclusive manpower catering to is the Information and Communications (telecommunications) Technology Industry (ICT Industry). The recent and rapid progress in this industry has lead to massive upsurge in the need for ICT professionals globally. Businesses globally are now largely dependent on ICT and related technologies, leading to a drastically raised demand for ICT professionals; for functions from creating customized programs, to general hardware and maintenance issues. IMR’s recruiters and ICT experts, are thoroughly prepared to supply all of your ICT professionals’ requirements, regardless of the work location, or the field of expertise required; ranging from the highly skilled and qualified designers for equipment, systems, technological infrastructure and networking; analysts and strategic planners for technology and telecom; to broadband experts (for installation, network layout, maintenance and repairs).

The final industry we exclusively focus on is Mining Recruitment. The mining industry today has evolved to become a multi-trillion industry; exploiting the best in technology, machinery, equipment and manpower. Mining businesses require huge capital investments and massive uniquely skilled manpower. With each of its sub-processes, functional levels and production stages requiring particularly skilled manpower; and given the fact that living and working conditions at mining sites are particularly challenging, the industry is encountering severe difficulties in recruiting, training and retaining especially skilled mining professionals. Australia, South Africa, Canada and Philippines are just a few examples of countries facing ‘critical’ shortage of mining professionals. However, it is IMR’s commitment to its clients that such talent shortage would never affect them even minutely, regardless of how severe it gets globally.

You’re encouraged to keep checking back for news and other information about the company, and are invited to write to us at or for any comments, information or suggestions you would like to share with us.

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