Key Reasons to Outsource Recruitment Services in India

In an increasingly competitive world, recruiting and retaining top talent is crucial to achieving success for any business.

Outsourcing recruitment services to agencies well-versed with the job market, industry trends and access to vast talent pools will help companies hire better, cut costs, and maintain their competitive edge. With recruitment process outsourcing being one of the fastest growing industries in India, here are some of the top reasons why you should outsource recruitment services -

Recruit top talent

The constant changes and fluctuations in the job market and employment expectations have made it harder for companies to hire top talent. It gets even harder when recruiting for specific, complex or niche skills in a time bound manner.

But with recruitment agencies, this isn’t an issue. They have constant access to a vast and extensive talent pool of both active as well as passive job seekers. They employ their skills, knowledge, and expertise to screen and shortlist candidates that not only satisfy your business requirements but are also a great fit for your company culture and values.

Reduce operating costs

If you outsource recruitment services, you can see a 20-25% reduction in the total cost of hiring. This includes reducing marketing costs spent on advertising job vacancies, sourcing costs, costs per hire and overhead costs, among others. Outsourcing helps you streamline recruitment processes, use the best recruitment practices and employ technology to hire better, faster and cut costs.

Focus on your core business activities

When end-to-end recruitment is taken care of by a specialist, your internal HR team has more time to focus on strategic HR activities and optimizing employee skills, experience and making the best use of their talents. This keeps your employees focused, motivated and engaged, which in turn boosts productivity and boosts business growth.

Stay ahead of the competition

Recruitment tasks and activities aren’t a part of your core business. Handling recruiting while also trying to grow your business gets tedious, cumbersome and exhausting.

Unlike you, a recruitment service provider is in the business of recruiting the right people for the right organisations. Such agencies invest their time, energy and resources into sourcing, screening and presenting the cream of the crop in terms of available talent to businesses. Thus, they hire the right talent for your organisation quickly and efficiently. This will provide you with the right resources to build and scale your business and stay ahead of your competition.

Over 70% of a recruiter’s time is spent in finding the right candidate, leaving them with little or no time to focus on strategy, onboarding, employee experience, workforce management and other such key HR activities. Outsourcing your hiring needs to a recruitment service provider like International Manpower Resources Private Limited, New Delhi, India will provide you with financial, operational, and strategic benefits.

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