Why Should You Hire Indian Workers to Grow Your Business?

The greatest asset a company has is its workforce. Therefore, hiring the best talent available worldwide is crucial to a company’s business growth.

With extensive domain knowledge, the ability to multi-task, familiarity with the complex Indian market, versatile experience and strong work ethics, Indian workers are highly sought after by global businesses. Their professional competence and track record have been demonstrated and proven, beyond doubt, especially in recent years.

Here are some of the top reasons to hire Indian workers to grow your business:

They are fluent in English

India is the world’s second-largest English speaking country, just behind the USA. The top Indian talent has been trained over the years to communicate concisely and effectively in English. This is where Indian workers have a significant advantage over their counterparts from South America and Eastern Europe. As a result, communication is hassle-free with no linguistic or cultural barriers.

They are well-educated and highly trained

Indians place great importance on education and aim to earn post-graduate degrees from top-notch universities to build an impressive portfolio and set of skills. By 2020, the pool of skilled professional Indian workers is set to reach 160 million.

Hiring from India gives you access to this massive pool of talented, passionate and highly trained Indian workers with extensive experience working in the Indian market.

They are extremely customer-centric

Every business thrives on customer satisfaction as that’s the key to getting repeat business and maintaining a powerful brand. Indian workers excel in customer satisfaction and are trained to attribute the highest priority to customers.

Their friendly approach coupled with a desire to help solve problems makes them extremely customer-centric. Hiring such talent is great for business.

They come from a culture and attitude geared for success

Creative thinking, problem-solving, a ‘never give up’ attitude and the strong desire to succeed and satisfy the client is deeply ingrained within the Indian culture. Indian workers are not only highly educated and expert polyglots, but also extremely hardworking, persistent and dedicated to their jobs. They constantly brainstorm creative and innovative solutions to solve problems and succeed, no matter the circumstances.

They don’t burn a hole in your pocket

Last but not least, even the best Indian talent doesn’t cost much. For example, you would pay an American developer $ 150/hour to develop a piece of code. An Indian developer would develop that same piece of code for $ 45/hour without compromising the quality or missing the deadline. Hiring Indian workers gives you access to high quality, affordable talent that’s dedicated to meeting deadlines and succeeding.

India is one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide with a vast pool of highly skilled, trained and brilliant talent. Hiring Indian workers to grow your business is the logical thing to do.

To hire the best, partnering with an Indian manpower consultancy like International Manpower Resources Private Limited, New Delhi, India  is the best way forward. With extensive knowledge of the Indian economic landscape and job market and powerful networks, we are uniquely positioned to cater to your recruitment needs. Get in touch to understand how we can best serve your requirements.

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