How to Improve Your Recruiting Process?

Attracting and retaining talent is a top priority for any business. While recruiting can be hectic, having an effective recruiting process in place helps you choose the right candidates, reduce employee turnover and maintain your competitive edge.

If you already have a recruiting process in place, you should constantly evaluate and improve it as it’s the key to building a productive and loyal workforce. Here’s how you can improve your recruiting process -

Develop a well-defined hiring process for each role

Take time to understand the job vacancy and the type of candidate required and map out a hiring process that’s tailored to evaluate potential candidates for that particular vacancy. Define the types of evaluations required, the job application process, the screening criteria, the rounds of interviews and the questions to be asked during these interviews.

Create straightforward and attractive job descriptions

A job description is your chance to make a great first impression, express how your company is truly unique and what you have to offer. Effective job postings ensure that you attract the right types of candidates and weed out the rest.

Be honest and clear about your expectations and job duties and responsibilities. List the skills that truly matter to the vacancy and not just the ones that are “good to have”. Make sure that your work culture reflects in your job description.

Invest in technology to make better and smarter hiring decisions

Technology such as ATS (Applicant Tracking System), candidate sourcing tools, chatbots and analytics tools save your company a lot of time and money and equip you with the right data to make more informed and smarter hiring decisions. It helps you filter qualified candidates from a sea of resumes, perform thorough background checks, schedule interviews and periodically communicate with the candidates.

There are plenty of options available. So do your research and choose the right tools based on your recruitment needs, company size and budget.

Keep the recruiting processes simple and candidate-centric

Job seekers want to get placed in a company as soon as possible. They tend to lose interest and look for other options when the recruiting process is lengthy and drawn out. Make sure that your recruiting process is simple, simple and not extremely time-consuming.

Take time to explain the entire process to the candidates right in the beginning. Keep communicating with them periodically throughout the recruiting process to maintain their interest and keep them engaged. Answer any doubts or questions that they might have quickly and don’t leave them hanging.

Don’t forget about employee onboarding

The first step in talent retention is to keep your new employees excited about working for you and managing their expectations right from the beginning. Ensure that they feel welcome and have all the tools, resources and training necessary to be productive and independent at their jobs. Motivated and satisfied employees are dedicated, highly productive and loyal to your company.

Recruiting the right people is critical for the success of any organisation. International Manpower Resources can help you shape and optimise your recruiting process to eliminate any weaknesses and loopholes and make the right recruiting decisions.

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