How to Successfully Hire a Highly Trained Support Staff?

There are few things worse than providing terrible customer support. A badly trained support staff will not only tarnish your reputation but also leave you at a disadvantage as negative experiences spread like wildfire via word-of-mouth and social media channels.

That’s why hiring a well-qualified and highly trained support staff is paramount to growing your business and building a strong online reputation. Here’s how you can successfully hire the right people to join your support staff -

1. Look for emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) isn’t simply a buzzword but a requirement for effective support staff. The support staff is always under a lot of pressure to get things done and satisfy everybody. High-pressure environments with a lot of stress cause an employee to lash out or come across as apathetic, which can easily do more harm than good to your business.

No matter the situation, the support staff must remain calm, composed and compassionate at all times and provide excellent service, which is only possible if their EQ is high.

2. Test the communication skills

The best support staff consists of excellent communicators as their job is very people-centric. Effective communication skills -- both spoken and written -- are vital for resolving problems, keeping customers satisfied, establishing trust and building long-term loyalty. Additionally, if you’re servicing global clients, your support staff must be skilled in communicating in the local languages too.

3. Check whether they are team players

Providing continuous and high-quality support requires effective and efficient teamwork. It’s isn’t a single person’s job. Team players are professionals capable of building a fast and strong rapport with their team members. They’re quite comfortable collaborating and communicating frequently to get the job done as their main priority is to provide effective solutions in the quickest possible manner.

4. Go beyond the resumes

Finding the right talent often requires you to look beyond the resumes and probe further into the candidate’s work experience, domain knowledge, attitude, mindset and problem-solving abilities.

Look for someone who’s willing to go the extra mile to solve problems and provide service that exceeds all expectations. Understand their approach to tackling problems and gauge whether their methods, views, values and opinions resonate with what your company stands for.

5. Work with a recruitment partner

While recruiting support staff, it’s important to hire only the best of the best. A shoddy recruit can cost you a lot of business and also badly impact your reputation -- a mistake you cannot afford to make.

Working with a recruitment partner like International Manpower Resources can help you make the right hiring decisions and avoid bad hires. Recruitment firms are in the business of finding and hiring top talent. As a result, they have built vast networks and huge talent pools over the years to find the right candidates for their clients. If you’re short on time, resources and have your business to grow, you can consider working with a recruitment partner who will handle all your recruiting needs and find the best people for your business.

Finding the right support staff that will deliver truly outstanding service isn’t an easy task. Follow these tips to successfully hire a highly trained support staff. Also, consider working with an established recruiting firm like International Manpower Resources Private Limited, New Delhi, India with several high-profile clients and decades of experience in recruitment. Get in touch right away to discover how we can take care of your hiring needs.

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