How to Recruit Top Talent in the Manufacturing Sector?

According to a recent survey by LinkedIn, the global manufacturing sector is set to face a deficit of more than two million workers by 2020 and the resulting revenue loss can be as high as 607.1 billion USD.

An aging workforce and lack of interest amongest young millennials and generation Z regarding manufacturing jobs is a major reason for this talent crunch. That’s why recruiters in the manufacturing sector need to plan brilliant talent acquisition strategies to avoid talent shortage. Here are a few recruitment strategies that the manufacturing sector can adopt -

1. Hire for talent and fit, not for skills

People enjoy what they do when they have the talent to perform that activity. They tend to stick around with an organisation that shares similar values and ambitions. Your recruitment strategies should focus on finding and attracting talent with the right attitude, not skills. Look for traits such as long-term career goals, ability to communicate, willingness to learn and grow, motivation factors and personal ethics.

Hiring the right talent with the right cultural and organisational fit will help you grow your business and retain your workforce longer. Skills can always be taught through extensive training programs.

2. Offer non-traditional benefits appealing to young talent

It’s no secret that young millennials and don’t find the manufacturing sector to be an appealing career choice. Appealing to this generation of young talent requires recruiters to think of creative ways to grab their attention. Go beyond the basics and try to incorporate lifestyle benefits that your younger employees will appreciate.

Some unique benefits include flexible work timings, career growth opportunities, continuous training and education, scholarships to further educational qualifications, CSR activities, recreational activities and bonuses, among others.

3. Partner with local Government and Universities

Working with local governments, universities and communities is one of the most effective ways to change the perception regarding the manufacturing sector and attract fresh, young talent to your company.

Organise tours to your manufacturing plants and conduct workshops to educate potential candidates about your industry and the different job roles available. Offer apprenticeships and internships in collaboration with the local universities to scout for young talent. Showcase your work environment and how you value your employees. All these efforts go a long way in making your industry appealing to the younger generations, establishing your employer brand and making your company a top choice amongest the best talent available.

4. Make faster hiring decisions

The best candidates are in the market only for a very short time. If you don’t make a move and hire them, you’ll lose them to your competition. Keep your recruitment processes and strategies simple, seamless and make faster hiring decisions. Adopt measures that will help you reduce the time-to-hire and time-to-fill vacancies. Have a talent pipeline ready so that you have quick access to qualified candidates whenever there’s a requirement in your organisation.

Recruiting top talent in a tight labour market isn’t easy and requires recruiters to be innovative and more efficient with their talent acquisition strategies. Consider partnering with a recruiting firm like International Manpower ResourcesPrivate Limited  that specialises in recruiting for manufacturing jobs.  

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