Six Tips to Hire Top Engineers for Your Organisation

While engineers are some of the most in-demand professionals worldwide and there is also a huge supply of candidates, hiring the best engineers for your organisation is hard. According to a recent survey by Lever, it takes 39% more candidates, 26% more on-site interviews and 13% more offers to hire the right engineer, as compared to hiring a candidate for other roles. Here are six tips to hire the top engineers for your organisation -

1. Build your employer brand

Unless you’re a tech giant like Amazon or Google, your company isn’t that well-known amongest engineers and you need to build a brand that appeals to top engineers.

According to Greg Brockman, the CEO of Stripe, you should approach recruiting just like marketing. The goal should be to make your company more desirable and build a brand. Showcase your company’s culture, values and philosophy.

2. Constantly source for great talent

Sourcing top candidates should be a continuous process so that you can set up a talent pipeline, ready to come and work for you should there be a vacancy. Invest in digital platforms where your potential candidates will be available. \

For example, if you’re hiring a software developer, make sure that you’re advertising on platforms such as Stack Overflow. Also invest time and efforts manually prospecting the right talent for your organisation.

3. Emphasise on employee referrals

The best way to find great engineers is by reaching out to engineers in your existing teams. Set up referral programs and get your employees invested in the idea of finding top talent for growing your organisation. Employee referrals are a great way of engaging your employees and tapping into their networks to find top engineers for your organisation.

4. Incorporate problem-solving in your assessments and interviews

Don’t rely on classic interview questions that only test the candidate’s concepts and knowledge. Focus on testing their skills in action. Since you require your engineers to solve problems for your organisation, incorporate problem-solving in your assessments and interviews.

Create scenarios/situations that will resemble the problems they will be solving in your organisation and shortlist them based on their performance.

5. Provide an excellent candidate experience

Engineering candidates have a plethora of opportunities to consider and they will only continue investing their time and efforts with you if you provide them with a positive candidate experience. A survey by LinkedIn states that 83% of candidates change their minds about an opportunity that they once liked due to a negative interview experience.

Show genuine interest in the candidates you source, treat them with respect, constantly engage with them and keep them updated throughout the recruitment life cycle -- regardless of whether or not you hire them.

6. Make fast hiring decisions

There’s a lot of competition for engineering talent and if your potential candidate receives a better offer from your competitor, they’ll definitely take the better offer and move on. Optimize your hiring procedures and strategies to be faster, simpler and more efficient. Also understand your candidate’s motivations and expectations well in advance to craft an offer that will appeal to them and increase their chances of taking your offer.

While finding the right engineering talent for your organisation can be tedious and overwhelming, these tips can greatly help with your recruitment efforts. To find the top engineering talent quickly, consider working with International Manpower Resources Private Limited, an agency that specialises in recruiting engineers for companies worldwide.

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