How to Find the Right International Manpower Recruiter for Your Business?

Good talent is scarce. If your company is suffering due to the talent crunch and finds it hard to recruit great employees, then you should consider working with an international manpower recruiter. Their vast expertise and industry insights can help you recruit the best candidates for your company. However, it’s important that you work with the right recruiting agency for your business. A bad agency, just like a bad hire, will do more harm than good. Here are some factors to assess whether an international manpower recruiter is right for your business: 

1. Do your homework

When you’re hiring a candidate, you make sure that you look them up on LinkedIn and other candidate portals, check out their work experience and look into their credibility. You should do the same for an international manpower recruiter. Do extensive research to understand how they solve their client’s hiring needs. Validate and cross-check their accomplishments and success stories.

2. Enquire about their recruitment processes

Outsourcing recruitment to an external agency involves a giant leap of faith. If you aren’t able to trust the agency, then the project is doomed even before it begins. Make sure you have detailed conversations with the recruiter to understand how they recruit. Ask questions surrounding their sourcing and screening processes, communication style with potential candidates, candidate background check process and key recruitment KPIs. If you’re in doubt or have concerns regarding a certain process, get those clarified. Only proceed further if you’re fully satisfied with how the recruiter handles the entire recruiting process.

3. Check their expertise

Look up their recruiting experience, clients (both past and present) and their track record. Especially look for testimonials from their previous clients whose businesses are similar or comparable to yours. Check their online reputation and reviews, professional associations and track record.

4. Go through their terms and conditions carefully

Understand their terms, conditions and pricing. Comb through their terms of engagement carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions wherever needed. The last thing you need is to feel cheated and deal with a legal dispute over the recruiter’s fees and contract.

5. Try their services before making a decision

When you find a recruiter that you really like, ask whether they have a trial program where you can take their services for a test drive before making any decision. While doing your homework and research can only provide you with information that looks good on paper, trying out their services will offer you a glimpse into how they work. You’ll get practical insights into their communication style, work culture and decision-making. When hiring a manpower recruiter, you’re going to entrust them with one of the most crucial aspects of your business -- building a highly skilled and productive workforce. It’s important to find the right recruiter for your business. Work with a reputed and well-established agency like International Manpower Resources Private Limited, New Delhi, India. We don’t simply recruit top talent. We build partnerships with our clients and work with them to find talent that will have the greatest impact on their business.

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