6 Ways a Staffing Agency Helps Solve Your Hiring Problems

A staffing agency has employees that can be hired on a temporary basis for short-term as well as long-term work. The staffing agency takes care of hiring and firing of employees and employee-related costs. All you need to do is specify the number of vacancies to be filled, the area of specialization, and the hourly rate.

Hiring a staffing agency is a great way to solve your hiring dilemmas. Here are 6 ways that a staffing agency can help your business -

Access to a highly skilled workforce

Staffing agencies have wide networks and access to highly qualified candidates that specialize in specific job roles or responsibilities. When hiring internally, it’s almost impossible to find this sort of niche talent on your own and even if you do, it might take you months to complete the whole process.

Screening the right candidates for your business

Simply reviewing resumes, validating whether the candidate is a good fit, and setting up an interview is quite cumbersome. When you work with a staffing agency, you can save your precious time and resources as they source and screen candidates, review their resumes, perform extensive background checks, and set up interviews.

Fill critical vacancies

No matter how good your organisation is, you always run the risk of sudden vacancies due to unforeseen circumstances. This situation becomes especially dire when they employee leaving plays a big role in handling your day-to-day operations. At such times, a staffing agency can tap into its employee database and vast networks to effectively find the right candidate to fill up these critical vacancies in a short span of time.

Reduce the hiring time and costs

Hiring internally is tedious and time-consuming as your internal HR department has other responsibilities such as employee training, payroll, and performance reviews. This makes the whole hiring process excruciatingly long. It also becomes expensive as you’re responsible for spending on recruiting ads and marketing. A staffing agency has a dedicated team focused exclusively on one thing - finding the right hire for your organisation. They can find you the right talent in a faster and more efficient manner, freeing up your internal resources to focus on building your teams and growing your business.

Stay in sync with the industry trends and data

A staffing agency is in the business of recruiting. That’s why they constantly keep an eye on industry trends, salary and hiring trends, skills in-demand, and other such factors that are crucial for staying on top of things. Staffing agencies can provide you with exclusive insights on hiring and the job market to arm you with the right data to find and attract the best talent available.

Expertise in recruiting and using technology for hiring

A staffing agency has a team of seasoned experts who perform recruiting on a daily basis. This experience, coupled with the right tools and technology, helps staffing agencies filter the candidates quickly and reduce the risks of making a bad hire. They can identify the candidates with the highest chance of succeeding in your organisation.

Working with a staffing agency can save you time, money, and resources which can be better used to focus on growing your organisation and achieving your business goals. At International Manpower Resources, we are always dedicated to finding the right talent for your company.


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