5 Recruiting Trends Completely Transforming Talent Acquisition

Many believe that talent acquisition and recruiting are related to each other, but they don’t. Recruitment is a process where you hire a candidate to fill up a vacant position. On the other hand, talent acquisition is a continuous long-term planning process during which you find the talent required to continue and grow your business.

It is necessary to know about the latest recruitment trends as you can use it to make your recruitment process more efficient and find better talent. Here are five recruiting trends that are completely transforming talent acquisition:

1. Treating candidates like customers

You don’t pick talent anymore but talent picks you. A research by MRI Network revealed that 90 percent of the market is candidate-driven, which means the candidates decide which company they want to work for. Companies should start treating their candidates like customers to attract them by offering a meaningful job opportunity, employee perks, and a productive and safe working environment.

2. Checking the candidate’s culture adaptability

You are putting the company at a loss if you are still selecting candidates based on their qualification and experience. The person should be able to adjust to the company culture and stay with you for a long time. If you select a candidate who is unable to adapt, they will leave in a few months, which is a waste of resources and time spent behind hiring them.

3. The rise of freelancing

With an increase in commercial property costs, businesses are moving to more affordable areas out of the city. It isn’t always ideal for your candidates to commute out of the city every day because traveling takes up a lot of time. You can offer work from home or freelance opportunities to candidates who live far away. A research by Jabra states that working from home is the most productive workspace, so freelancing is going to work in your favor.

4. Developing a good branding strategy

You can find every type of information on the internet. When you approach a candidate, they are first going to check everything about you on the internet. It includes reviews by current and former employees, photos of your office, and your social media accounts. Only when they are impressed, they will take the process ahead. Work on a good business branding strategy.

Have a website where the candidate can know more about the company heads, projects that you have done in the past, and photos of employee strength-building activities. Branding takes a lot of time, but it is worth the investment as it will bring your long-term employees.

5. Candidate relationship management

As a company, you are constantly recruiting new talent. Juggling between regular business activities and recruitment doesn’t always work out and the candidates can feel unwanted or make them wait for a long time, these things can happen unknowingly.

Train your HR department in candidate relationship management, a methods that helps in improving and maintaining strong relationships with current and future employees. Talent will be attracted to your company when they hear from others that they treat interviewing candidates with respect.

Use these trends to improve your company’s talent acquisition process and experience long-lasting benefits. International Manpower Resources can help you take advantage of all the recruiting trends and find the right talent.

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