Five Reasons to Engage an Offshore Recruiter

A company’s success is defined by the productivity of its employees. Rather than diverting your attention from core business activities to hiring skilled employees, you can hire offshore recruiters to help you with it. The recruitment process can be incredibly time-consuming and by outsourcing it, you are able to get more time to develop your products or services. Offshore recruiters offer the same quality of work at a cheaper price as compared to using in-house resources, which is why they have become a popular choice among startups, SMBs and enterprises.

Let’s take a look at five reasons your company should hire offshore recruiters:

1. Core business activities:

With increased competition, it has become important to divert all attention and skills towards core business activities like product development and customer satisfaction. When you outsource, you are bringing new talent onboard to help strategize and execute short-term and long-term plans to achieve the company’s goals. Only recently, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers have started offering recruitment services for middle and low level management as they earlier only managed the recruitment of top level management. 

2. Unbiased approach:

Candidates have to go through various levels of tests and interviews, which are carried out in an impersonal manner. The RPO provider doesn’t personally know the candidate and make judgment based purely on their skills and capabilities. Also, the company gives the providers strict instructions about the kind of employee they are looking for. India has become one of the top RPO providers in the world for their affordable rates and round-the-clock services.

3. Specialized recruitment:

Recruitment is just one of the functions of an HR department and sometimes they aren’t skilled at hiring technical recruits. The HR department has to conduct employee surveys and calculate salaries, and recruitment can take away the concentration. On the other hand, RPO providers have a team of recruiters who are skilled in technical fields and have years of experience at their disposal to make the right choice.

4. Affordable:

You will need to hire an entire HR department for recruiting employees and pay them on a monthly basis even though there isn’t any recruit during a particular month. RPO providers work on contract basis and will only charge if the recruitment is successful. It is profitable to the company as they are saving a lot of money and also adding value to the business by hiring talented employees.

5. Handles the whole process:

RPO providers handle everything from creating a job board and shortlisting candidates to making the recruitment. They are also responsible for conducting social media searches, cold calling, online tests, and web interviews, all of which are time-consuming. At the same time, RPO providers are always working on improving the recruitment process and a business can’t afford the time and resources on innovating techniques.

After hiring an RPO provider, the company needs to maintain a small HR department that focuses all their attention on salaries and handling employees’ issues.

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