Five Common Myths About Offshore Recruitment Service Providers

Organisations have started outsourcing their hiring requirements to offshore recruitment service providers in order to find top talent and meet their fluctuating recruitment needs. By assisting with hiring process, offshore recruitment firms are able to cut costs, save time, and effectively meet an organisation’s recruitment demands.

Even with numerous advantages, there are several myths about offshore recruitment service providers. Let’s bust them one by one

1. Quality of hire may not be good

Since most people know offshore recruitment services are cost effective, they often assume that the quality of hires may not be as good.

Contrary to this popular myth, offshore recruitment service providers use their extensive recruitment experience and wide network to find the right top talent for your organisation. Additionally, they have several internal performance metrics to ensure that your demands are met and your expectations are exceeded.

2. Deadlines won’t be met

Offshore recruitment firms are highly competent and have an excellent standard of work ethic. They start the hiring process by completely understanding your company’s recruitment requirements. After that they fix priorities and plan their strategies to meet your demands on time. So rest assured that all of your demands will be fulfilled well ahead of the deadlines you have set.

3. Difficult to manage

A common illusion about offshore recruitment service providers is that they take away the control you have over your business and aren’t easy to manage. This cannot be further from the truth.

These firms have well-defined policies and procedures in place and are available 24/7 for their clients. They work tirelessly, communicate with their clients and keep them in the loop to ensure that their services are effective and efficient.

4. Tough to coordinate

Businesses are often worried about coordination issues with offshore recruitment firms and assume that the differences in time zones and working hours would end up making communication difficult.

Contrary to this myth, offshore recruiters make sure that they take note of their client’s time zones and work during these hours to ensure maximum coordination. Secondly, they value communicating clearly with their clients, which is why they work tirelessly to ensure that you’re kept in the loop, your doubts and concerns are addressed, and your demands are met on time.

5. It is only for large companies

Many believe that offshore recruitment service providers are only for large companies. But the truth is that these services are especially useful for startups and small and medium businesses, as they are short on resources and focused on building and growing their businesses.

Outsourcing their recruiting needs to offshore recruitment firms can free up their time and allow them to focus on their business, while resting assured that the recruiting firms will provide them with the best candidates for their organisations. 

There will always be myths and misconceptions around offshore recruitment service providers. However, it’s important to remember that these are just myths and hiring an offshore recruitment service provider might actually help your business grow and thrive and stay ahead of the competition.


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