What is the Difference Between Staffing and Recruiting?

Most companies, and even job searching candidates use the terms staffing and recruiting interchangeably when it comes to hiring. While both terms involve recruiting talent, there are a few distinct differences that are important to note.

Staffing is generally used when hiring candidates for short-term roles or for specific projects. On the other hand, recruiting is includes hiring for a more permanent role. Depending on your needs, available resources and budget, you can choose to work with either of these two options.

What is staffing?

Staffing refers to hiring for temporary, contractual, or short-term employment opportunities. Staffing firms work swiftly to fill up the available roles and specialise in sourcing candidates with specific skills or talents.

Since they’re required to work quickly, staffing firms maintain a database of talent which they can use to find candidates with specific skill sets that are immediately available to take over the role. As a result, these firms don’t spend much time sourcing candidates and only approach those that are actively seeking jobs.

Staffing firms not only shortlist the right talent for your business but also handle other HR activities such as onboarding and salaries.

What is recruiting?

Recruiting involves finding candidates for long-term or permanent roles within an organisation, including strategic and managerial roles in organisations. As a result, they take longer to fill as compared to staffing.

Recruiting firms handle the entire process of sourcing candidates by placing job adverts, screening resumes and shortlisting potential candidates, conducting interviews, maintaining communication between you and the candidates, and negotiating job offers. Once the hiring is done, the firms take a step back and they are not as involved as staffing firms throughout the lifetime of a candidate in an organisation. After a candidate is hired, it is the responsibility of the employer to handle the candidate’s employment taxes, health insurance, and other employee benefits.

Staffing vs Recruiting: Which one to choose?

Depending on your requirements, you can either opt for a staffing firm or a recruiting firm. If your vacancies are for short-term roles that need to be quickly filled, then choosing a staffing firm might be in your best interests. However, if your vacancies are for leadership roles and more permanent positions, then recruiting firms would be your best bet in finding long-term solutions.

Ultimately, the underlying purpose of staffing and recruiting is to find the right person for your organisation. Both staffing and recruiting address common HR issues such as attracting and hiring great employees, keeping productivity levels high, and retaining talent. Depending on your business and HR requirements, you can choose either option. An organisation like International Manpower Resources can immensely help you with both options.

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