Temp Staff Demand Soaring in Japan

Temporary Jobs in Automobile Industry in Japan

Japan is witnessing a soaring demand for temporary workers in its automobile and construction industry. With the start of the new fiscal year in April 2014, major automobile manufacturers like Nissan and Toyota has expressed to increase their temporary worker work force by 40 percent.

Automobile industry has witnessed a surge in export demand of its cars after the world markets recovered from the economic down turn in 2008. Increasing demand from overseas markets for Japanese cars has led companies to have increased production giving demand to increase its skilled work force.

Last year, Toyota increased its temporary workforce by 60 percent and Nissan by 40 percent. Fuji Heavy Industries increased its temp workforce by 10 percent and Mazda increased it by 30 percent along with a bonus of Yen 150, 00 ($1450) to the new incoming temp staff.

Wages in the auto industry have increased by 3.6 percent

Contract Workers Requirement in Construction Industry

The recent data from Labour Ministry of Japan reveals 99,000 job offers in construction and mining in October 2013, a 10% increase on the year. Japan suffered the tsunami and earthquake in 2011 and still recuperating from the aftermath. Construction work has picked up every since 2011 and the country faces an extreme shortage of skilled labour where as construction and civil engineering is concerned.

"We're nowhere near resolving the shortage of skilled on-site workers," says Takashi Yamauchi, president of construction company Taisei.

Other Industries Also Require Temporary Workers in Japan

Restaurant industry is one major sector facing acute labour shortage mainly due to ageing population and shortage of bilingual work force speaking Japanese language.

Starbucks currently operates more than 1000 outlets in Japan and has acquired seasonal flavours of the country in its coffee. Recently, it announced to promote its 800 temp workers to permanent employee status which was largely applauded by the community at large in Japan. It currently has 1800 permanent employees on roll and is also one of the companies providing health insurance to its companies.

Japan and the United States represent the world’s two largest markets for temporary manpower supply services, accounting for about 20 percent, respectively. According to an official at Netherlands’ Ranstad Holdings, the second-largest job placement company globally, there are opportunities to flourish in the Japanese market as the country is reeling under the pressure of shortage of skilled manpower supply and rising demand from construction and automobile industry.

Temporary Staffing Agency in Japan

International Manpower Resources PL has a strong team of working professionals who understand the work scenario in Japan and help employers seek skilled labour force. It also helps personnel placement agencies from Japan to gather relevant information regarding employment situation, labour work force availability, and recent developments in the host country.

International Manpower Resources PL also helps the companies to introduce programs for recruited temporary workers to get acquainted with Japanese language and Japanese culture. It helps them draft the training or overview programs before the workers are placed in overseas companies.

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