Importance of Technical Skills

Technical skills are the most important selection criterion which is taken into consideration by various companies while fulfilling their recruiting requirements. To put it simply, technical skills simply refer to acquisition of technique to do a particular work which can’t be done by a layman and needs specialized training in form of practical and theoretical knowledge. In oil and gas industry specialized skills are required by various professionals ranging from engineers to ground level employees.

Being weak at technical skills can lead to a person loosing his/her chance to get the dream job. Being good at technical skills can take you to the peak of your career. Technical skills are usually the knowledge and ability of a person to operate a machine, usually an electronic device or other machinery running on any other fuel which requires special training.

A person having requisite technical skills is a resource to the company which is hiring the person because that person will ensure efficient functioning of the operations and minimize the wastage which happens while performing a task. A person without required skills can bring disaster to the company because of lack of experience and skills to tackle to the challenging environment that the employee has to face while performing his duties.

However, a person who has the requisite technical skills but is stuck in the wrong job which doesn’t require his skills is another mistake that is often made by professionals and even companies. Such professionals remain dissatisfied from their jobs because they think that the job is not testing their real potential and the companies think they made a wrong decision by hiring someone non deserving for the position.

At this point comes the role of recruitment agencies like International Manpower Resources - IMR. Recruitment agencies are like the stepping stones which help you get the required technical job matching your skills and personality. Not every recruitment agencies has the skills to do the ultimate matching task. Only a few are capable to act as a bridge between the employer and the employee and at International Manpower Resources - IMR you can be sure of getting the job which matches you and your employer’s requirements.

A few steps should be kept in mind by technical professionals looking for a job and wish to take help of a recruiting agency. Look at the past placement record of any agency which you are looking for. International Manpower Resources - IMR has a perfect placement record and has helped hundreds of professionals in getting placement over the years. Also be clear of your strengths and weaknesses in order to maximise your chance for selection because your personality can be modified according to your strengths and International Manpower Resources - IMR can help you in this regard.

International Manpower Resources - IMR has a data of reputed MNCs looking for hiring professionals and has been trusted by these companies since years. Technical skills in oil & gas, energy, engineering and mining industry are required even at a greater extent because of the nature of the work which is to be done and also due to the safety issues involved in these jobs.

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