Overseas Demands for Indian Manpower in Oil & Energy Sectors

Overseas Demands for Indian Manpower in Oil & Energy Sectors.

With the advancements in the technological aspects around the world, many overseas companies are in hunt for manpower resolution to meet their dead ends successfully. The core industries who are in quest of manpower requisites are Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction and Manufacturing. With a keen knowledge and farfetched attitude, international concerns welcome young talents by endowing a reasonable salary, obligatory amenities for contract recruitment. With unbelievable flairs and skills, Indian’s are paving way to pace in a place that uniquely identifies their abilities.

Contract Jobs in Overseas Oil & Gas Industries

In the recent studies for job opportunities in abroad, the results approximately pulge that there are a huge amount of manpower solution’s needed for oil & energy industries in overseas. The reason for this shortage is not a hard task to examine, its’ because of the technical education that is not keeping pace with technological progressions. The professionalism and progression of the oil and energy industry is repetitively reaching high as there is a demand for uplifting the standards to heights. The overseas companies are seeking for perse recruitment agencies to acquire manpower to accomplish their tasks. With several job posts, the companies are striving hard to elevate their profit of the organization. Diverse job posts in oil & gas industries for fresher’s and experienced candidates are been listed by ample overseas companies for manpower solutions. With the large capital expenditure, high budget and available resources the oil & energy industry functions to enrich the economic status of the organization. Several projects in oil & gas industries have risen in the Middle East, Far East, South East Asia, East Europe, and North & South America. They seek manpower for a perfect solution to their logical work plan schedule and thus they offer contract job opportunities for the cited posts.

  • Process Engineers

  • DCS Operators

  • Cost Controllers

  • Design Engineers

  • Drilling Personnel

  • Off shore staff

  • Draftsmen

  • Field Support Personnel

International Manpower Resources – Inscribes a Solution to Your Problem

Mention India and the average man thinks of tea, spices, silks, cows and perhaps, meditating yogis. Yet today India is a major hub for technologically advanced and a power driven nation that combines the art of knowledge and imprints high standards of working competence. Its armed force is rated technologically advanced than China, and thus delivers highly qualified manpower solutions. In fact India has the third largest pool of scientific manpower in the world, after USA and USSR. Indian physicians, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, chemists and physicists have already become an imperative source of technically qualified manpower for many Western countries.

International Manpower Resources – Unique Trail for a Perfect Solution

With decades of intense experience in this field, we offer the best Indian Manpower solutions to many countries across Middle East, East Asia, UK & Europe. Our sturdy team members have always been optimistic in providing the right manpower recruitment service to companies in Abroad. We will keep you updated about building construction projects, Heavy Engineering Projects, Power Plant, Oil & Gas, Mining Industries wherever Indian Manpower is required and we will try our best to source right & experienced manpower force for projects around the world. Quality and effective solutions are provided with rigorous attention in selecting the best candidate to fit in the right job. Place your current requirements to client@imr.in and we are here to provide you the right candidates that you are looking for.

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