Oil and Gas Recruitments

Emerging Oil Industry:

Oil and gas industry is one of the most robust industries in the world today because of the sheer size and demand of the products of this industry. The whole world runs on fuel and oil and gas are the major fuels contributing more than 90% to fulfil the fuel requirements worldwide. The extent of dependence on this sector is such that the world can’t sustain even a single day without oil, gas and other fuels.

Oil and gas sector is prevalent in gulf and Middle East countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Libya. It is also found in huge quantities in countries like Australia, USA and Venezuela. Countries like India also produce sufficient quantities of oil.

Emerging Skilled Labour Requirements:

Moreover, Today OPEC Countries are jacking up crude oil price periodically. All countries are trying to search oil in their on territory to meet their requirement as per as possible from their own resources. More and more skill workforce is required for exploration, extraction, refining and logistic of oil and oil products.

India has one of the most reputed oil exploration companies in the public sector which is the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India (ONGC), Reliance, Essar and Cairn Energy in the private sector which boasts of having the world’s biggest refinery at Jamnagar in Gujarat. So, the extent of operations of these two Indian giants have ensured that India has a highly skilled and trained population of engineers and oil exploration experts who have worked at places like Bombay High which is the offshore drilling station of the ONGC, Jamnagar Refinery, KG D6 basin.

Indian Manpower Resources – Your Trusted Contract Staffing Partner:

IMR is a trusted manpower recruitment agency in the oil and gas sector which has clients worldwide and helps them to hire skilled manpower from India. The vibrant sector has also helped India to maintain a steady inventory of manpower in oil and gas sector which is ready to avoid of the opportunities abroad in other countries. Here comes the role of IMR, which helps the international recruiters looking for skilled, efficient and economical manpower to meet and hire the Indian skilled manpower for recruitment in oil and gas sector, a sector which is the bread and butter for many countries.

We, at IMR, have a huge database of oil and gas industry experts looking for job opportunities abroad. The huge database is required because of the labour intensive nature of this business. We also take into account the client requirements like the location, labour laws, etc. because in this sector location plays and extremely important role as it is often the deciding factor for a prospective employee to join or not to join. Location of this business can range from being in sea mile away from the shore or being in deep jungles where oil reserves have been found. That is why our database is properly segregated according to candidate choices so that we can assist our client at the earliest as soon as the requirement comes.

We help clients not only in India but also to recruit from anywhere in the world. We understand employer requirements for hiring manpower from a particular country. At IMR the employees are given pre-induction training to have a feel of the place, where they would be going for work, so that they can perform at their work as soon as they join duty.

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