Job of a Manpower Recruiter at IMR

A manpower recruiter also known as a recruiting consultant is the soul of a recruitment consultancy. A consultant has multi facet roles requiring delicate balance, as there should be harmony and concurrency among the different roles played, the main job of the recruitment consultant matching task of matching the right person with the right job to satisfy both the parties i.e. the candidate and the employer looking out for a professional.

It is the manpower recruiter who is in direct contact with the company management. This is the person with whom the company posts its requirement of any vacancy and then expects it to be filled by the consultant by finding a suitable candidate. The consultant is also the person who has access to the database of the candidates looking for the job.

The manpower recruiter has to take note of all the instructions that the company gives and also take note of the employees needs and see if the company can meet the requirements of the candidate. He should also see other things like the working environment in the company, location, time of travel required, etc. and indicate all these things to the candidate so that he can take a decision.

IMR has experienced and world class career recruiters. All the recruiters at IMR have the basic characteristics that such a person should possess like excellent people skills, communication and interpretation skills.

Recruitment consultants at IMR are trained extensively to tackle even the most challenging problems which may arise in form of short deadlines and non-availability of certain type of candidate in the database. The consultants are trained to tackle stress which may prove harmful for their health and are also updated regarding the new recruitment rules or amendments in the existing rules, which are announced by the government from time to time.

The job of a recruitment consultant doesn’t end at the matching phase. It is the consultant who is responsible for the authenticity of the documents provided by both the parties and is a signatory to the employment agreement. In case of any dispute both the parties first approach the consultant to mediate so that an amicable solution can be found. Thus the consultant should verify all information of both the parties, well in advance to avoid any conflicts at a later date and to avoid any liability which may tarnish the name of the consultancy with which he is working.

Recruitment service business is not immune to the business cycles and the business has been severely hit in the wake of the global turmoil. Only the fit and best have been able to climb the ladder and others have fallen. This is a tough test for the recruitment consultants and only optimism and experience can make them successful in the long run.

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