We’d like to take our first blog as an opportunity to introduce IMR, its organizational structure, its services and its specialty pisions. International Manpower Resources, conceptualized 20 years ago, under the leadership of Harish Batra, has come to having earned a matchless reputation and paramount status, due to its most dedicated, sincere and focused aim of serving manpower needs to organizations around the globe. Having recruited over 75,000 uniquely skilled personnel, for a hundred and twenty organizations around the globe, we’ve gained an unrivalled position amongst our peers, primarily due to our resolve of supplying the best in staffing solutions, manpower quality and follow-up services.

Headquartered in the (India) country’s commercial heart and capital (New Delhi), recognized by the Indian Government (ISO Certified, Reg. Number 1681/3168/91), and incorporated with several senior experts of the industry (HR, and inpidual sector experts); IMR personally guarantees all of its recruited personnel and leaves no stone unturned in identifying and recruiting the industry’s best for your organization.

Under the personal supervision and leadership of Mr. Harish Batra, the recruitment industry specialist for over three decades now, the company maintains an unfaltering commitment to the cause of uniting the best talents with the most ideal opportunities; hence ensuring that the recruiting organization is provisioned with the most suited talent, as well as the personnel is recruited at a role most suitable per his/her qualifications, skills and experience. This ‘perfect match’ solution results in the most dependable and highest standards of performance, motivation and mutual satisfaction.

Our company, often referred to as the ‘recruitment specialists’, follows a very stringent and organized functioning structure and recruitment procedure, leaving no scope for errors, mismanagement or unsatisfactory recruitments. The various departments in our organization report to the company’s Vice President, who further reports to the company’s director; and then the final reports and supervision is personally taken up by the CMD Mr. Harish Batra.

The organization’s functions are pided into four prime pisions or departments – namely, operations, internal HR, Administration and IT and Telecom (internal).Under the operations department, come two further sub-pisions, namely the national network of operations (nationwide offices) and the recruitment teams. The recruitment teams consist of HR experts, executive search team, industry specific experts, negotiators and pre-departure associates; all of them reporting to the HoD (Head of Department) for operations. The other sub-pision that reports to the Operations HoD is IMR’s national network, which consists of our offices throughout the country, which control their respective local operations and local talent hunt teams. These talent hunt teams, report to their respective local offices, as well as the Executive Search teams that report to the Operations department.

The second prime sub-pision of IMR is the Internal HR team or HR Head (internal) which supervises the recruitment, functions and performance of IMR’s employees. The third prime sub-pision of IMR controls the administrative functions of IMR and overlooks 3 further sub-operations of IMR, namely Marketing, Finance and Corporate Communications.

The fourth and last prime sub-pision of IMR is the IT and Telecom pision, to which reports IMR’s national IT and Telecom network (including the company’s internal communications and networking infrastructure); as well as the Database Management specialists/operators (the database managing information prospective candidates, talents and clientele etc.).

IMR has managed to create and maintain an unmatched reputation through its range of recruitment services and commitment to the quality of services. With manpower supplies haunting companies worldwide, businesses have come to recognize how valuable and irreplaceable an asset their employees are. And with almost a ‘war of talent’ on, between organizations desperate to identify, and then recruit and retain talents for their organizations; we feel honored in being entrusted with supplying and fulfilling such an invaluable asset for your organizations.

IMR has proved time and again, that it will go to any limits necessary, to identify and recruit the industry’s best talents for our clients and to stand by and support the trust our clients have placed in us; and to prove that we’re well deserving of the dependency on IMR that our clients practice, each time they have need(s) for personnel or professionals for any stream, specialization or sector.

Acknowledging that the capital investment is already huge in your business, and the ‘human capital’ investment in that is among the most valuable, we follow a very rigorous and rigid recruitment procedure to ensure that your investment in human resources is well preserved; and in fact, helps the business’s returns to multiply limitlessly. Our comprehensive and strategic approach to recruitment typically involves 5 main levels, though each can be altered, modified or customized per the client’s requirements.

The first step involves our HR experts conducting an in-depth assessment of the client’s needs to thoroughly understand the HR requirement, while the second step involves hunting for candidates suitable to the vacancy(s), conducted by our search executive team. This team screens through our massive database of candidates, besides scanning through other locally or nationally available talents; the team does not hesitate to headhunt if necessary. The fourth step involves further short listing of candidates and verification of their qualifications, past experiences and levels of competence, by our HR and industry experts; while the fifth step involves presentation of the finally selected candidates to the employer so they can assess and screen the candidates per their requirements, and accordingly pick their finals. The last step involves the necessary documentation and visa/travel formalities which our pre-departure associates assist the candidates through.

Having been the manpower outsourcing and overseas recruitment specialists and pioneers for over two decades now, IMR’s analysts had put forth a list of certain industries/sectors which were anticipated to experience severe shortfall of appropriately talented and skilled manpower. In fact, their progressive industry listing was found to be in perfect tuning with Manpower’s Talent Shortage Survey 2010, hence reaffirming our experts’ shortage analysis. These sectors include construction, oil/gas and petrochemicals, engineering (all disciplines), hospitality (hotels and catering), energy and resources, support services (NATO/UN), manufacturing (all manufacturing plants), Mining and IT & Telecommunications.

Considering our cause and determination of bridging the gap between skilled manpower and manpower starved industries, IMR has created certain exclusive sub-pisions, to recruit especially for these sectors. The sub-pisions involve exclusively catering to personnel needs of each of the listed industries, including all of their sub-functions, operation and production levels and procedures; and the recruitments are personally supervised by respective senior experts for each of the industries.

IMR is determined to fulfill each and every manpower requirement of its clients, ensuring they remain totally unaffected by the global manpower shortage and talent war. IMR is committed to delivering its staffing consultancy, solutions and recruitments, at the quality standards its renowned for, and in the most timely and economic fashion it is commended for.

Going forward, you’re encouraged to check out our weekly blogs, to discover more about IMR, its services and recruitment news, and global industries’ recruitment needs, news, trends and analysis.


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