Our Recruitment Procedure - Far beyond the usual and far over the best known standards

We apologize for coming back with this blog somewhat delayed, but certain inevitable factors didn’t let us reach you within time. But now that we’re back, we’re back with a bang; and are sure to leave to applauding for our focused approach in identifying and recruiting the most suitable and compatible candidates for every single one of our clients’ needs.

Our website does maintain a page to explain our employers of the recruitment procedure we practice, but actually that is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ if we detail for you, the extents we go to, to ensure the entire procedure is in fact, even the superlative of excellence for all parties involved.

Our website states that the procedure begins with an in-depth assessment of the client’s needs, where our HR professionals explore to the farthest extent possible, the kind of candidate that the employer is seeking, and then further trying to get details that could help us better narrow down how we can contribute to find a candidate even more suitable than the basic being sought. The second step involves hunting for the ideal candidate, where our search executive team collects the data from the HR professionals; and then begin looking through all possible, and often unconventional HR resources, to find candidates who’re not just much above average, but also suitable to the vacancy by all parameters.

The selected candidates are then screened through multi-level interviews while verifications of claimed qualifications and experiences are conducted; and feedback from past employers are obtained and more. Then they’re taken through a final level of interviews, conducted by our industry specific experts, who besides assessing the candidates’ capabilities and qualifications, also analyze the candidates’ levels of skills, competency, ambitions, adaptability etc. The finally selected candidates are presented to the employers so they may conduct interviews via any mode of communication convenient to them [voice (phone calls), video (video conferencing), chat (instant messaging) or regular email), for their satisfaction with the selection. Once we get their approval, which we’ve almost always got, our negotiators enter the picture to work on the pay scale finalization, such that it is competitive and mutually beneficial to both – the candidate as well as the employer.

Once the finalization and negotiation are over, all the documentation and paperwork is completed – from the final agreement through the conditional offer, work visa, emigration, medical certification and any other required documented clearances. Our pre-departure associates then make the candidates’ travel arrangements (ticketing) and ensure their timely arrival and work site reporting.

These are the basic recruitment procedures followed by most companies, and as mentioned, briefed on our website too. But certain details, particularly of the extreme lengths we go to, are not listed on our site, so being presented here. And it might be surprising for a few, but our actual recruitment drive involves among the best, world class standards of the vacancies’ demands, candidates’ assessments and recruitment procedures - no less than those employed by some of the world’s best recruitment agencies.

Since our recruitment procedure webpage does, and should, only brief our recruitment procedure, we’ll elaborate our details of the procedure here. The process of course starts with detailed analysis of the job description, including job evaluation, documenting the described and intended requirements of the job; taking into consideration the constraints, liberties, objectives and other information that the employer provides for the candidate search and recruitment. We try our best to also obtain the historical details of tasks a candidate in the same position has performed, and ensure they’re reviewed and updated per the current requirements. Such analysis helps us ensure the recruitment procedure kick starts at its best for super success.

Thereafter begins the executive search operation, abbreviated to the term ‘sourcing’. This includes advertising through various media as the most common method; followed by other ways of headhunting talent like searching through window advertisements, existing employees of several companies, campus recruitments and reaching out or re-recruiting employees previously recruited through us for other or overseas assignments. We also particularly ensure we reach out to candidates, technically called passive prospects, who’re not proactively coming forward with applications to our advertisements. This process, often referred to as ‘name-generation’, helps us create a list of prospects who we reach out to, solicit their interest, and take them through the resume submission and screening process.

Our screening, assessment and short listing process, as mentioned, certainly involves the basics (interviews, qualifications and skills assessments etc.), but besides that, we also go a step further and test them on other skills and abilities, per respective job requirements; such as software and computer knowledge, typing skills, literacy and numeracy (mathematical skills), physical stamina (ability to conduct physical labour for example, for laborers), technical knowledge and abilities etc. One huge step we go further with, (if required), is, candidates’ psychological testing, or employment testing (technically on the basis of psychometrics science). This could include various aspects or types of psychological testing and assessments like IQ and achievement tests, public safety employment tests, attitude tests, neuropsychological tests, personality tests (rating scale or self-report measures), projective tests (free response measures), direct observation tests, adaptability tests (adaptability to new working, residing and cultural environments) and any other tests that the employer specifically demands.

Throughout our recruitment process, the appropriate departments of our organization are present and participating to supervise the specific sub-process, and ensure that it all goes through smooth and fool-proof. In particular, it is our industry specific experts and consultants that help us conclude the recruitment process to ensure the best standards per the specific industry and employer. And our pre-departure associates ensure that our overseas employers are least bothered in every manner throughout the recruitment process, and this particularly guarantees a very pleasant overseas recruitment experience for our employers, making for the prime reason for them to return to us time and again for each of their recruitment needs and personnel requirements. Additionally, our trademark ‘IMR guarantee’ allows our overseas clients to enjoy a worry-free overseas recruitment procedure, since we guarantee that if any of our candidates is found unfit for the position, we offer a cost-free replacement, bearing the costs of the new candidate’s recruitment and the travel expenses of the new candidate as well as the candidate returning. And shall we say, it is our dedication and determination to provide the best to our clients, that has never had our clients need to use our ‘IMR guarantee’ and ask for a candidate replacement.

It is undoubtedly our commitment to excellence in quality and services, that has made for our impeccable reputation and standard renowned the world over, and though unofficially, but almost certified, us the overseas recruitment pioneers of India.

Please do return back to our blog to know more about our organization and how we can provide matchless overseas recruitment solutions for your company.

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