Construction Industry Workers Boom for Worldwide

Construction industry is one of the major industries responsible for high number of employment across the globe. Countries around the world hire large number of skilled foreign workers for their construction projects meet project timelines while curbing costs. Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Gulf countries, Singapore, the UK, Ireland are few of the leading employer countries in the construction industry.


In a recent move to reform and rejuvenate visa issues, Malaysia government has asked employers to issue special identification cards to foreign workers in construction industry. This will enable authorities to have better control on foreign skilled workers coming in the country. These cards will enable authorities to differentiate between legal and illegal migrants in the country.

The cards will be issued by the Construction Labour Exchange Centre Berhad (CLAB) carrying either bar code or electronic strips containing details of the employer and the worker. These CLAB cards will also be handy in case of spot checks where workers have submitted their original passports and work permits with the employer. CLAB is currently the sole authorized agency in Malaysia to supply foreign workers to the construction industry in the country.


Foreign workers are said to be a boon to construction industry in Canada. As primary work force in Canada continues to age, the construction industry quickly needs young and energetic skilled work force to keep the economy moving. The labour market is already tight in Canada and there are fewer furors in the country against the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

The government has also initiated reforms in the visa programs for construction industry to expedite processing of applications for TFWs. Moreover, those employers who have successfully complied with laws for hiring and retaining Temporary workers are eligible for fast track application processing. Apart from fast tracked application processing, employers no longer need HRSD approval to recruit internationally for skilled workers in seven high demand occupations. This move significantly enhances the ability of companies – be they unionized or not – to respond more quickly to the needs of resource developers.

Various resources from the Construction Sector Council (CSC) to help industry, employers, employment agencies and counsellors attract, hire and integrate internationally trained workers into the construction workforce.

The United Kingdom

Overseas skilled labours account for nearly 6 percent of the work force engaged in the Great Britain. Currently, skilled labour lacking language skills can acquire Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. Labourers also need to understand basic understanding of UK Health and Safety Standards. The test for Construction Skills touch screen health and safety test can be taken in a variety of languages or with the help of an interpreter.

Moreover, employers are also hiring multi-lingual supervisors and translators onsite for translating instructions and guidance to foreign workers. The UK employers are not only hiring foreign workers at large but are also making efforts for better working environment thereby giving boon to the construction industry in the country.

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