New Construction Jobs for Temporary Workers

New Construction Jobs for Temporary Workers

While architecture and construction industry might still be reeling under the pressure of slow economy but there is no dearth of jobs for contract workers or temporary workers. In fact, for the simple reason that construction workers help companies to scale down their expenditure on various projects, contract workers are always in demand.

Reports for Increase in Contract Staffing

A new report from Associated General Contractors of America reveals availability of jobs for construction workers especially in the West Michigan area as compared to similar period last year in 2013. As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics data, there has been nearly 15 percent increase in construction jobs for contract workers looking for temporary jobs based on project to project.

Many projects for construction of new schools and university have been approved in the African countries including IUCEA - Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA). The contract has been signed by a Chinese company and Uganda government for the University to be constructed in three phases.

Industry Outlook for Contract Workers

There has been a steady increase in construction in health care, industrial and commercial sector. Moreover there has been substantial rise in school capital projects which has led to increase in sub-contractor staffing.

There has been a worldwide rise in demand for skilled contract workers and staffing requirements where in construction companies have been looking for masons, drillers, electricians, plumbing contractors, etc.

Demand for construction workers has increased by 4% in the United States alone in the month of April 2014 as compared to demand in April 2013.

Economic Scenario

As the major countries are still reeling under economic pressures and world still witnesses’ unrest and war-like situations in various parts, companies feel the sting of tight budgets and organisations need to find ways to do more in less money.

Moreover, with the shoe-string budgets allocated to sub-contractors, there is difficulty in finding productive and reliable workers for construction industry. Companies want to hire inpiduals with specialised skills for on-site and as-needed projects.

Construction companies do not want to waste time and money in hiring unskilled labour or go through the lengthy hiring process. Thus, international hiring firms want to go through the specific hiring time frame and save money on recruitment, staffing and training processes.

International Manpower Resources - Contract Staffing Specialists

International Manpower Resources has been an industry leader in providing skilled, semi-skilled labours to international employers who come to India for hiring contract workers. Our structured database for construction industry workers enables companies to go through the hiring and recruitment process quickly. We screen and shortlist the skilled labours as per the job requirements and train them not only for the job but also for the cultural aspects of the country where they will be working.

We enable companies to hire contract workers that have broader job experience and have been associated with us since a long time. These workers are more educated as compared to their peers in the industry and have value-addition to their employers.

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