How IMR Will Help In Career Making

Manpower recruiting is one of the most important activities that companies across the globe have to do on a regular basis so as to make the organisation a dynamic one. The HR managers of the companies have the specific task of finding, recruiting and training the prospective employees and make improvements in the company operations. Various methods are being used by the company HR managers to hire people which include head hunting, referrals, online portals, etc. But the most effective method of recruitment is with the help of an efficient recruitment agency which has a huge database of prospective employees and has the skill matching experience. IMR has a database of thousands of employees and hundreds of employers and has been serving people since many years.

With modernization of each and every step/operation that an organization performs the needs for skills employees has increased multi fold and recruiting such kind of employees is not less than any art. The experience that IMR possess can help the companies and employees to develop long lasting relationships with each other because of the excellent matching skills that professionals at IMR have. We understand the needs of the companies and understand the desires of the employees and create a perfect blend of the two. Candidates approaching IMR are given autonomy to select the field in which they want to excel provided they have the requisite skill set. If the candidate is not sure of his interest detailed tests are taken which involves personality test, skill test, etc. to get an idea as to what are the interests of the candidate. If the candidate has different interests but don’t have the required skill set IMR helps them to attain the specified degree so that the candidate can pursue his career goal.

IMR provides customized solutions to every candidate so that he is satisfied with what he is doing. We aim to act like a bridge between the employer and the candidates but now any other recruitment agency which just places candidates with employers without doing any suitability tests.

IMR has been a pioneer in recruitment in many sectors especially oil, gas and mining sector. We have some of the world’s best companies as our clients who regularly post their requirements with us. Our database of candidates is also huge and we have been able to fulfil all expectations of our clients till today. The skill set required by this industry is also unique in form of mechanical engineers, technicians, computer engineers, etc.

We have been in service since 1990 and our portfolio of recruitment fields and database of candidates has expanded multi fold. We would be happy to serve more and more companies because by providing the services of recruitment we are not only helping our and your company but we are also helping the society by providing meaningful employment to the youth of today. So, come and register with us to start a fruitful relationship.

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