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Originally named the KAF project, it is now referred to as the KAF ATM (KAF Air Traffic Management), or the even shorter abbreviation, KATM, and has been complimented as ‘an improved and enduring legacy delivered by NATO’. And needless to say, it is commendations and admirations as such, that make all our efforts, and dedication, seem very worthwhile and well rewarded.

Our support services specialty division provides all designing and facilities management support personnel (modular architectural specialists), including administrative professionals, maintenance, repairs and resolutions specialists (technicians and repairmen), engineering professionals, renovation and custodial staff and supply operations support. Besides housing and infrastructure installations as already mentioned, our support services division also provides personnel for base support vehicles, public safety, morale, welfare and recreation, laundry, ordnance and environmental services.

We continue to look forward to partnerships and contracts like these, and as our esteemed clients (NATO, UN, CANCAP) would affirm, working and partnering with IMR is nothing but excellence and beyond. Our support services sub-division comprising of experts of the industry, and hence incites us to attest that we can recruit the best support services specialists and professionals for your organization’s operations.

We’re equipped with an extensive professionals’ database, that specialize in the following respective support services, with them all being available for quick and economic overseas recruitment.

  • United Nations Projects
  • NATO Projects
  • UN Camps Staff Recruitment
  • CANCAP ISAF Projects
  • Peace Keeping Forces
  • Logistics Support Staff
  • Operations and Production Support
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Other On-site and Remote Support Services (Infrastructure Management, Technical Support Customer Care and Administrative Support Services)
  • Problem Resolution Support Services
  • Financial Support Services
  • Analytics Based Services
  • Support Personnel for entire projects (all scales) from installation to production and maintenance
  • All other support services staff across all verticals

We encourage you to reach out to us, and let us know of any support services or other personnel requirements you may have. We’re determined and confident of not disappointing you, regardless of what your manpower needs are.

International Manpower Resources Pvt. Ltd., is registered in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) for DOD and GOVT projects with D.U.N.S # 650471712, N.C.A.G.E # SHU51 and UNO-UNMG # 117011

You’re welcome to reach us via email at to know how we can be your one stop manpower recruitment agency in India.

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