Oil and Gas Manpower From India

Saudi Arabia, possessing 25% of the world’s proven petroleum reserves, is evidently the leading producer and exporter of petroleum; and hence, needless to say, it is the nation with the highest demand for petroleum (oil and gas, and petrochemical) professionals.  With an employed population of over 7 million, of which, over 80% are non-national (outsourced manpower), it is understood that the majority is engaged in the petroleum (oil and gas, petrochemicals) industry. In spite of employing over five and a half foreign workers (majority of which are directly working for the petroleum industry), the country, or rather, the world as a whole, is facing acute shortage of professionals for the industry.

The 12th International Energy Forum and 4th International Energy Business Forum meets held in Mexico in 2010, confirmed that the industry is facing a severe ‘war of talent’ which is undoubtedly bound to worsen. The meet acknowledged that the pool of technological talent needed to sustain the industry’s ability to meet global energy demand is shrinking at an alarming rate.

EIC’s (Energy Industries Council) annual event held in Abu Dhabi in March this year (2011), discussed the shortage of personnel for the industry as one of the key concerns. Majority of the attendees at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) this year, voted in favour of doing ‘more’ if necessary, to recruit and retain their personnel. John Wishart, president of GL Noble Denton, as a closing statement to the poll, said ‘the poll reflects an overall feeling that the sector will encounter challenges as a result of its failure to attract, recruit and retain highly talented people’. But, with IMR, the manpower shortage issue is promised to be of absolutely no botheration for our clients.

We, at IMR, save you from the extent many would go to by choice, to identify and recruit the best professionals of the oil and gas sector; and that too, without letting you through the slightest of efforts.
IMR would go to every extent necessary, to fill your oil and gas vacancies, with the best skills in the industry, with utmost efficiency in timing and economy.

While we’re constantly equipped to supply all your personnel needs for the oil and gas industry, here is a list of some professionals, we can make readily available, whilst taking almost no time for identifying and recruiting any others you may need.

  • Contract Administrators
  • Process Engineers
  • DCS Operators
  • Cost Controllers
  • Design Engineers (all disciplines)
  • Drilling Personnel
  • Off Shore Staff
  • Draftsmen (all disciplines)
  • Field Support Personnel
  • Construction Staff
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Logistics
  • Operational Managers
  • Pipeline Personnel
  • Procurement Professionals
  • Project Engineers (all disciplines)
  • Planners and Schedulers
  • Safety Personnel
  • Technicians
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors
  • Operational Personnel

You’re welcome to reach us via email at client@imr.in to know how we can be your one stop manpower recruitment agency in India.

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