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Mining businesses require huge capital investments, and one of their most valuable investments is their ‘manpower’. The businesses require large workforces with diverse skills for the several operations and levels the business has. The mining process needs uniquely skilled workforces for each of the process’s functions, and since mining sites’ working and living conditions are challenging, recruiting, training and retaining specially skilled and experienced personnel, is a challenge in itself. The global mining industry is facing several HR challenges, including the retiring/aging workforce, population graduating in mining engineering and related fields, black empowerment laws and more.

Such issues are already very difficult to deal with, where the global economic downturn further adds to the business’s challenges effecting capital efficiency, production, operational costs and headcount management.  The need to strategically recruit and retain mining professionals and scarce skills’ employees is now a challenge bigger than ever before; and developing long term solutions and schematic approach to the same, is the most crucial need of the hour.

Several industry reports, analysis and surveys have confirmed that skills shortage in the international mining industry is now at a ‘critical’ level.  Particularly, Australia is under acute pressure to fill its mining industry’s staffing requirements. The WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy is already planning recruitments in large numbers, from overseas, to address the mining workforce issue; and has allocated resources worth more than US$ 2 billion to bring in skilled migrants. The latest ‘Skills Australia’ report estimates needing an extra 2.4 million mining workers by 2015. The WA government has announced investing US$ 33 million in 2011-2012, in establishing 12,000 training schools, besides spending US$ 54 million in developing skills and trade training centers. Refugees are being seen as a temporary solution to regional skills solution, but at the national level, employers are under tremendous pressure to offer high pay scales to attract and retain mining talents.

A recent news headline read ‘Australian companies poaching Canadians to fill mining skills shortage’; while the fact is, mining labour shortage is threatening Canada’s mining industry itself too. This year’s (2010-11) Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association’s featured questioning ministers about the shortage of mining labour, and the strategies planned to tackle with it.

Philippines’ MGB (Mines and Geosciences Bureau) has selected students from around the nation, to be offered full scholarships, considering the nation is at the edge of mining manpower shortage. In fact, MGB itself is short of 40 percent (90 positions) of the total 246 mining engineers it requires. Mexico, otherwise a relatively conservative economy, has opened mining jobs to women, to help with the manpower shortage in the industry. Mining Weekly (SA) reported SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) being urged to redouble efforts to tackle skills shortage in the mining sector.

Clarifying how severe the global shortage is, for mining professionals, IMR is committed to recruit any and all mining personnel needs you may have, regardless of how much more acute the global shortage becomes. IMR has created a sub-division, which will exclusively cater to recruitments for the mining industry, such that our clients, as always, do not feel the slightest need to look beyond us, for all of their recruitment needs. We’re equipped to supply qualified, trained and experienced mining professionals for all of the mining industry processes, a few of which are listed here:

  • Managers | Engineers | Surveyors | Supervisiors | Foreman
  • Drillers | Miners | Blasters
  • Construction and Extraction
  • Heavy Earthmoving Equipments (Operation & Maintenance)
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Office and Administrative Support
  • Transportation and Material Moving Staff
  • Welders | Fabricators | Fitters
  • Skilled | Semi Skilled Tradesmen

You’re encouraged to unhesitatingly let us know of any other mining or non mining personnel requirements your organization has, and we’re confident of providing for the same, at best levels, on all basis.

You’re welcome to reach us via email at to know how we can be your one stop mining manpower recruitment agency in India.

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