IT and Telecom Personnel

Despite the world being well aware and prepared for the expected manpower shortages in this sector, nations and their businesses are still struggling to find suitably skilled staff for their IT and Telecommunications businesses and divisions.

Ireland’s ‘Expert Group on Future Skills Needs’ released a hundred and twenty four pages long report on ‘Future Requirement for High-Level ICT Skills in the ICT Sector’ emphasizing the government to help in pro-actively preparing for the acute shortage of professionals anticipated in this sector.  Saudi Arabia’s press release (May 2011) announced the Kingdom’s spending in the sector to increase 18.5% (22.3b riyals) in 2011, and could touch 50 billion riyals by 2015. International Business Times carried a report (May 2011) from the ITCRA (Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association) headlined ‘ICT sector warned of skills shortage’.

According to TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) 2010 report, ICT is certainly the key driver for global economy, and per estimates, global ICT spending will grow to touch $4.9 trillion in 2013. Global broadband access spending will increase from $59.7 billion (2009) to a projected $87.5 billion in 2013.

With projections, predictions and forecasts as such, the ICT industry is excited about the drastic expansion at the one end, and unprepared and frightened at the other end due to the expected shortage of ITC professionals.

However, with IMR around, our clients particularly have nothing to worry about. Having recruited over 75,000 specialty personnel across the globe, each delivering performance beyond expectation; our clients know they can count on us for each and every ICT related manpower requirement they have.

Tying up with experts of the ICT sector, we’ve created a recruitment team to cater exclusively to the demands of ICT sector personnel. Our HR and industry experts, in combination with our dedication, sincerity and committed to provide you with the best, ensures that you will be satisfied beyond doubt, in partnering with us for all of your recruitment needs, especially for the IT and Telecom sectors. Some areas we’re readily equipped to supply professionals for, are:

  • Broadband Services (Installation, Networking, Maintenance and Repairs)
  • Equipment Designing and Maintenance Services
  • Telecom Strategy and Analysis
  • Applications Development and Management
  • Technological Infrastructure Designing and Maintenance
  • Technological Operations Management
  • Systems and Networking Designing and Maintenance
  • Project Organization and Management
  • Technological Analysis and Strategic Planning

Operating under the leadership of Mr. Dinesh Batra, the industry genius backed by over two decades of expertise and experience, you can rest assured of being provided the highest standards of HR for these industries. Dinesh brings with him over two decades of rich IT experience and has worked with top global technology companies. He has travelled extensively across the US, Europe, Japan, Middle East and South Africa managing complex deliveries for some of the top global clients in these regions. Before joining us, he was Country Head with Oracle Financial Services and was based in South Africa.

You’re encouraged to reach out to us, to let us know of any and every manpower or professional requirement you have, in any sector/division. We’re firmly committed to not disappointing you, and fulfilling each of your personnel needs.

You’re welcome to reach us via email at to know how we can be your one stop IT and telecom recruitment agency.

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