Energy Manpower from India

The world’s total power (electricity) production was a massive 20,261 trillion kWH (2008), while the EIA (Energy Information Administration) projects the global electricity demand to grow by at least 28 percent by 2035. Some other reports indicate that the total world consumption of marketed energy could see a 49 percent increase from 2007 to 2035 (IEO 2010).

According to US Outlook for Renewable Energy Employment 2011, the Solar power industry has already seen a 100 percent increase in the number of employees between 2009 and 2010, and is expected to increase a further 26 percent (at least) through 2011. According to BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization), bio-fuel energy is expected to create 800,000 new jobs by 2022. According to Navigant Consulting, the hydropower industry has the potential to create as many as 1,400,000 by 2025.

With established prospects, predictions and manpower requirement assessments like such, it goes without saying that the energy and resources industry is bound to get hunting for professionals to design, install, operate and maintain the several power plant projects in the pipeline, or under planning; besides also requiring power plant workforces in thousands, to upgrade, operate and maintain the existing power plants worldwide.

IMR, the industry leader since two decades, in recruiting the best Indian professionals for businesses and other organizations overseas, has already studied the future prospects of the energy industry and analyzed the skilled manpower needs that the industry is expected to encounter. And so, in accordance, we’ve established a sub-division that would exclusively cater to manpower needs for the global power plant (energy) industry, and are equipped to supply professionals of every level and qualification for energy generation variants (power plants). Some skilled personnel we’re readily able to supply are:

  • Boiler/ Plant / Environmental Managers / Engineers
  • Civil/ Structural-Engineers
  • Commissioning/ Start-up Managers
  • Contracts / Cost / Project Controls
  • Control, Room Operator
  • DCS / I & C Engineers
  • Design Engineers – All Disciplines
  • Engineers – All Disciplines
  • Gas / Steam Turbine TA's
  • Managers (Project / Mechanical / Electrical / Piping / Fabrications etc.)
  • Mechanical/ Electrical Designers
  • Piping Superintendents- Engineers
  • Planners / Schedulers
  • QA/QC/Site Mangers / Engineers
  • Superintendents (Project / Mechanical / Electrical / Piping / Fabrications etc.)
  • Upstream Professional (Reservoir / Petroleum / Drilling / Well Petro / Geophysicists / Production etc.)

Besides the above listed as examples, we invite you to inform us of any other power plants’ or energy related professionals you need. We’re confident of, and committed to, providing the same in the most timely, efficient and economic manner.

You’re welcome to reach us via email at to know how we can be your one stop energy resources manpower recruitment agency in India.

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