03 Jul 2013

Nigeria’s oil workers, highest paid worldwide

Workers in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, especially expatriates workers, are the highest paid compared to their counterparts in other parts of the globe, read more

20 Aug 2012

Current Recruitment Practices in India

Indian scenario when looked at from the point of higher level recruitment in terms of recruiting managers (MBAs) or engineers is quite different when compared with rest of the world. read more

16 Jun 2012

UAE Labour Law Change

Expat labourers in the UAE will no longer require a no-objections certificate (NOC) to renew visas and change jobs, following a change in visa renewal laws. read more

29 Mar 2012

Canada may screen skilled migrants before arrival

Skilled immigrants to Canada may soon have to certify their educational credentials with third parties before arriving in the country, according to a new proposal by the immigration ministry. read more

21 Mar 2012

Australia 'Well Placed' to Meet Global LNG Demand

Australia is well placed to meet growing gas demand in the Asia-Pacific region, and could become the largest LNG exporter worldwide in the future. A number of LNG projects are in operation or under construction. read more

16 Mar 2012

Fitch Sees Negative Outlook for Australian Upstream Projects in 2012

For 2012, free cash flow for upstream Australian companies is expected to remain negative as companies commit to new LNG projects and continue to face significant challenges with regard to project execution, read more

02 Mar 2012

Worker Shortages Seen in Australia's Energy Sector

Long-term global demand for natural gas has triggered construction for a number of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects in Australia in recent years and has created significant demand for workers within Australia. read more

21 Jan 2012

India will add 110m people to global workforce by 2020

A demographically young India will be the largest contributor to the global labour force in the coming decades, and will add about 110 million workers by 2020, a study by Goldman Sachs said. read more

20 Jan 2012

Labour shortage costing farmers $150m a year

ACUTE labour shortages are costing Australia's farmers more than $150 million a year in lost productivity, with rural food producers struggling to find specialist trades workers, read more

19 Jan 2012

Labour shortage hints in China

When we speak of China as the world's factory, this idea conjures up for many an image of rows of sweatshops manned by an endless supply of ex-Chinese farmers who churn out everything that a modern consumer could need. read more

04 Jan 2012

Worker Shortage In Mining Industry

A shortage of qualified workers for the mining industry has the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota worried. read more

30 Dec 2011

Oil and Gas Industry Faces Critical Shortage of Skilled Workers

On the first day of autumn, oil jumped $25 a barrel to $130 on the New York Mercantile Exchange before falling back to $120.92. The cause? read more

27 Dec 2011

Boom time for workers at the mining giants

But in one industry, at least, the candidate is still king mining. The sector's boom on the back of rising commodity prices has led to a massive shortage of staff, read more

11 Dec 2011

Warning over skill shortage in oil and gas

THE skills needed in the Scottish oil and gas sector are in “dangerously short supply” and firms need to turn overseas to fill the gaps, according to a senior industry figure. read more

05 Dec 2011

Oil and gas industry facing massive labour shortages in Canada

Canada's oil and gas industry, which includes the Athabasca oilsands in northeastern Alberta, will struggle to find workers over the next few years, according to the Calgary-based Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada (PHRCC). read more

23 Jun 2011

Germany to Open Doors for Skilled Workers from Non-EU Countries

BERLIN: Faced with a shortage of highly qualified specialists and skilled workers in many hi-tech fields, Germany has eased the restrictions on migration of some professional groups read more

13 Apr 2011

Germany wants talented Indian workers

Indian Talent have demand everywhere, nowadays most of the countries are more appreciating and demanding workforce, see "Economic Times Report" read more

13 Apr 2011

Heavy Demand of Indian Technicians in Australia

Job bonanza as Australia hires Indian technicians: Australia is calling, and two batches of nearly 450 technicians from the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) at Aundh, Maharashtra, read more

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