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painting Inspector

Date: 12 Mar 2013

US based energy services firm with focus on the emerging markets,who are involved in drilling, marine and manpower services to the  Oil companies having following opening:

Job Location: Nigeria(Lagos), Angola(Luanda) and Eq. Guinea(Malabo)

Reporting Line

1.       Report to Corrosion Engineers

Capability/Skill of the Paint Inspector

1.       The paint inspector shall have NACE level 2 certifications.

2.       The paint inspector shall have a minimum of 10 years offshore painting inspection and application experience.

3.       The Inspector shall have basic good knowledge and understanding of Coating Tools/Equipments.

4.       Ability to work in remote areas with less Supervision.

5.       Inspector should have very good communication skill.

6.       The Inspector shall have basic computer knowledge to include good use of MS Word, MS Excel, and Power Point.

7.       Ability to create or develop a work breakdown structure (WBS).

8.       The Inspector shall have good knowledge of contractors’ pre-mobilization process.

9.       The Inspector shall have good knowledge of all protective coatings and solvents commonly used in hydrocarbon facilities.

10.   The Inspector shall have the ability to ensure that acceptable conditions and methods for coating application are utilized by the contractor, and also have detailed knowledge of the standards for surface preparation and detection of defects.

11.   The Inspector shall have good knowledge of proper handling, transporting, and storing requirements for protective coatings and related materials per the manufacturers’ recommendations and CNL Coating specifications/standards.

12.   The Inspector shall have effective logistics coordination skill with sufficient planning ability.


Coating Inspector to demonstrate competence in all of the following areas:

1.       Safe management of work under the control of Paint Inspector to include all associated safety trainings, documentations and records.

·         Constantly liaise with training coordinators, track relevant safety training schedules, enroll workers for trainings, and ensure they participate in all trainings required for safe execution of Coating Projects.

·         Develop, maintain and keep records of all safety trainings of workers under his control. This should include keeping scanned copies of certificates where applicable.

2.       Participate as would be required, and attend safety meetings, monthly drills, audits, risk assessments, etc. Close out action items resulting from audits where necessary and as assigned.

3.       Demonstrate safety leadership at all Project worksites

4.       Participate in all Emergency Preparedness and Responses/drills.

5.       Familiar with relevant CNL SOP’s and Procedures and supplemental safety notices.

6.       Carry out iCare observation and reporting per functional requirement. Maintain iCare data base for workers under your control.

7.        Develop, maintain and keep man hour data base for the workforce under his control.

8.       Attend toolbox meetings as appropriate and maintain leadership visibility at all times at the worksites.

9.       Report and document every incidence, Near miss, At-Risk-Behavior etc from worksites.


Management of Coating Activities at Locations:

Management of painting activities shall be the Painting Inspector’s sole responsibility and shall include but not limited to the following:

1.       Conduct initial surface area estimate for new locations.

2.       Effectively monitor and report painting activities status.

3.       Develop, maintain and keep materials tracking data sheet to show supply and usage of painting materials (blasting grits, paints, thinners, etc) for each location.

4.       Verify contractor’s work performance and Percentage completion claims and issue WBS to contractor for milestone invoicing purposes in accordance with the applicable contract.

5.       The Inspector is responsible for reporting all coating material needed at worksites and these include:

·         Report all site material needs to the Corrosion Engineer as timely as possible to mitigate down time due to materials.

·         Follow up with the PR number for all eProcurement orders and work order number for all JDE orders, expedite and track position and status of ordered materials until delivered to location.

6.       It shall be the Painting inspector’s responsibility to look ahead as far a practicable and try to be familiar with the work requirements and anticipate work needs.

7.       Perform any other tasks as assigned by the Corrosion Engineer.

8.       Develop $cost/m2 for location being coated.

9.       Application of QA/QC

            i.         Use of Coating tools/equipments while ensuring film thickness according to CNL coating specifications.

          ii.         Must ensure materials are of suitable quality.

         iii.         Atmospheric conditions are acceptable.

        iv.         Surface profile is adequate.

          v.         Blasting air is clean and oil free.

        vi.         Paint manufacturer’s application requirements are 100% complied with.


Personnel Management:

Manage all third party contractor personnel to ensure accountability:

1.       Develop and maintain a rotation schedule of all crew members starting 1st January and ending 31st December each year. Develop and maintain rotation schedule for you and your alternate and forward to Corrosion Engineers for use.

2.       Report all absenteeism of workers and replacement of workers. Ensure that replaced workers have obtained same safety trainings to ensure continuity and minimum disruption due to retraining.

3.       Ensure that new workers obtain minimum safety training required for their function.



1.       Prepare and send daily Paint Inspection report to conform to relevant standards and report must get to Corrosion Engineer before 1700hours every day. Report should clearly show overall work breakdown, completed scopes, QA/QC results, outstanding scopes, challenges, forward plan and recommendations.

2.       Prepare quarterly reports to present to stakeholders, major breakthroughs, challenges and look ahead for all projects under your control.

3.       Create and maintain a sub-folder in the MI folder where all official documents per your job function are kept for references and use by others.


Other Benefits :

Salary: Best in the industry+ other benefits

Rotation required: 35/35 rotationDuration: 1 year(extendable)

Only serious interested candidates should send us the updated resume,passport details, and notice period.

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