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13 Apr 2011

Germany wants talented Indian workers

Source : Economic Times

Indian Talent have demand everywhere, nowadays most of the countries are more appreciating and demanding workforce, see "Economic Times Report"

Germany wants talented Indian workers and  appropriate visas for that will not be a problem despite stringent immigration  rules, the chief minister of the European country's second largest state has said.

"We are fascinated by the energies of young Indian people. We want  them to be a part of Germany's growth. India and Germany share common values on  strategic issues and have strong democracy and rule of law," said Niedersachsen  Chief Minister David McAllister.

"We are also interested in more Indian  investment coming in to Germany, including my own state," McAllister, who is the  political head of Germany's second largest state by area with Hanover as capital, told IANS in an interview.

The chief minister, who is all of 39  years and represents a state that is also called Lower Saxony, said the visa  issue was a part of the ongoing discussions for the proposed India-European  Union free trade agreement.

"We certainly hope the norms will be  liberalised, once the free trade agreement is signed. The real concern,  actually, for Germany is the flow of cheap labour from India. We are not  concerned at all about skilled workers."

McAllister, soon after the  interview, also took pride in displaying some glitzy new Volkswagen cars, the  headquarters of which is at Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony, as also a couple of  Skodas. They were in display at the German Embassy.

The chief minister,  incidentally, is a member of Volkswagen's supervisory board, which overseas such  car marques as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Automobili Lamborghini, Seat, Skoda and Scania.

"Apart from trade and economic ties, we also want Indian students to come to my country and study there. For the matter of convenience,  we are now focusing on English as the medium of instruction at our universities," he said.

"And in the case of students, there is no problem at all in getting visas."

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