IT and Telecom Sector

IT and Telecom Sector

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry has seen dramatic developments, innovations, outreach and progress globally, especially in the last decade. It has lead to industrial innovation and enhanced productivity, opened new avenues of networking for people and communities, shown way to newer academic and scholastic education and achievements, and so much more that was not even imaginable some 15 or 20 years ago. People’s lifestyles and standards of living have changed drastically around the globe, directly or indirectly owing to ICT.  Opportunities to innovate, manufacture, communicate, sell, function, or just simply live – everything has seen change with the development of ICT.

In fact, ICT has also proved an influencing factor in competitiveness, and economic and social modernization or advancement; hence playing a key role in bridging social, as well as economic divides. Each economy of the world now has a different purpose it uses the IT and telecom technologies for, and a different goal they hope to achieve using these technologies. Governments, which once concentrated on the more concrete infrastructural issues, are starting to recognize that technology itself is not as significant as the socioeconomic achievements it can engender or help engender.

Apart from individuals using the IT and telecom facilities for academics and entertainment; there are adults using the same for professional communications, publicity (digital advertising), exploring career opportunities, discovering business expansion and growth prospects (e commerce), establishing new clientele,  etc. Governments too are starting to explore the benefits of using the IT and Telecom systems, and venturing into the same, realizing how much more organized, convenient and effortless all functions these systems can make for them. They’re using smart grids for example, offering e-government services, and encouraging e-health programs.

Here are some facts that reaffirm how the IT and Telecom industry and its services have swelled in the recent years:

  • There are about 5.3 billion mobile phone users in the world (2010), of which about 940 million use 3G services already.
  • Per global average, 90% of the world population now has access to mobile networks (2010).
  • China and India alone have added over 300 million mobile subscriptions in 2010.
  • Globally, about 6.1 trillion SMSs were sent in 2010.
  • The number of internet users has crossed the two billion mark in 2010, of which, developing countries accounted for over a billion.
  • China is the largest Internet market in the world, with more than 420 million using Internet in the country.
  • Globally, broadband subscriptions are estimated to be 555 million (2010).

WITSA (World Information Technology and Services Alliance) reports that the Global ICT spending is getting closer to the 4 trillion marks, and has stated that ICT is key in reviving global trade, being the enabler of growth and development for all industries. Given how massive the ICT sector is, in terms of contributing to a nation’s economy, and given that the industry is a continually growing one, at a rapid pace; it is imperative that the sector will have significantly large manpower requirements, and since the sector is highly specialized, there can be no compromise on recruitments. ‘Less than required qualification, skills, talent or experience’ recruiting can disrupt the functioning, productivity and hence efficiency of the entire business.


Operating under the leadership of Mr. Dinesh Batra, the industry genius backed by over two decades of expertise and experience, you can rest assured of being provided the highest standards of HR for these industries. Dinesh brings with him over two decades of rich IT experience and has worked with top global technology companies. He has travelled extensively across the US, Europe, Japan, Middle East and South Africa managing complex deliveries for some of the top global clients in these regions. Before joining us, he was Country Head with Oracle Financial Services and was based in South Africa.

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